YxShop on the operation of the network mall promotion

a few years ago, the domestic B2C has been in the lonely, placid. But since the beginning of this year, B2C investment is gradually active, gradually increasing, supporting system continues to mature, B2C industry has experienced several years of continuous double growth last year, some vertical industry growth even more than double the expected, achieved a 3 times growth.

China has emerged in hundreds of large and small vertical B2C shop, including IT, digital audio books, clothing, cosmetics, watches, diamonds and other industries, this is also the sensitive signal B2C promoter.

sure webmaster friends, ready to start. The next is how to set up? The first step to build their own website the source program, most of the webmaster is definitely the first choice of open source mall such as: YxShop, Shopex, ECSHOP and so on, and then with the entrepreneurial passion, with few night B2C build a good store, is not feeling more excited? So in the face of so many individuals or companies to build B2C mall, how can a talent shows itself here? Discuss:

(a) from the perspective of the site user experience

1, in the page need to guide the customer


of each product page click on the buy baby "or similar guide words, buyers in the state of rational emotional purchase products, the best use of" baby "" "goods" such as more attractive words.

2, all page consistency

if you have bad code on your page. Such as: in the new window to open a new page, set the browser window size, etc., which may make buyers feel disgusted, it is best to remove them all. Don’t forget to check whether the site can run normally.

3, pictures of goods

commodity pictures to be true, clear, attractive. A large number of commodity pictures, pay attention to the structure is clear, any search engine like structure is obvious, let the search engine to understand your focus. YxShop in the design time for the user to fully take into account the structure.

4, do not put too much home page flash

search engine image recognition ability is very poor, we all know, but we can use a home page to retain some customers, such as some women website, they may feel more beautiful. When her friends want to buy goods online. Will certainly give her friend said that a website is very beautiful, there is a domain name is good to remember, but the home page put too much flash.

is not recommended!

(two) late extension method

How to quickly improve the PR value of


in the face of the Internet rumors of the PR value is useless, individuals feel that this is only one-sided, as usual, we often say: "money is not everything, but no money is totally unacceptable, this p>

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