A brief discussion on the popularization of local classification information network

wanted to be a website when he was at school, but he didn’t have the right type. In recent years, the classification of information network as a result of closer to people’s lives, much of people’s favor, it seems that the classification of information network has gradually penetrated into all aspects of life. 58 city, ganji.com, convenience net, Chinese classified information network and so on the strength of a large number of classified information has become more mature and stable, but the scene ah, too much is not good to clean up, some classified information with local characteristics, they are not able to accomplish.

for example, we commonly known as the "southern Gansu" Three Gorges of the Yellow River, some classification in Yongjing is no way to show in the classification of information online nationwide, which gave small local classified information network survival space and opportunity, I finally decided to do our local information network: Yongjing classified information network, Yongjing classified information network I now operating specifically for Yongjing area, there is a word to say tired, from do now, basically every day at 1:00 a.m.. Because it is a rookie webmaster, so you need to spend a lot of time to learn to do other people do stand experience, tired should be, at first will be lonely. Now let me summarize what I have done in this time.

program is just on the line, the entire site is a basket case, I basically painted at night all the time to collect information, because no time during the day, everywhere to browse the latest information on the same day posted. In the US there, there is a special post bar, particularly long, go there to collect information is very successful, basically every day to get the latest information, but also to the URL of the website is also written in some post a little information, increase the exposure rate. After a period of collection, the content of the site is much more slowly, and now looks like a website. Now slowly someone began to release information, not only too much or less, which makes me feel very happy, at least I did not waste time. I suggest that there is no source of information, or to find someone crazy to collect, enrich the content of the site is the key.

about two months later, when the content can enrich website, I apply for the depth of application alliance, quickly through the advertising industry, hang up, but the unexpected is that the depth of advertising are mostly adult content, I hung up about a week, a friend said to me, the the change, others think it is the website that is also yellow. So I will thoroughly dispel the depth of alliance, to apply for Baidu Alliance (the beginning did not apply because Baidu threshold is relatively high, try holding the attitude), the beginning of people don’t really, it seems that Baidu is awesome. I insist on for three times, third times through, this will give the site added a lot of bright spots, the content is very healthy, also can say the web site is to lighten up, according to the position of Baidu in Chinese in mind, will greatly increase your credibility, but also a few day income ten yuan, down to January get a three hundred or four hundred dollars. So, I think do stand to insist.

himself in front of the computer to do stand is very hard, very

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