Micro blog award is a waste of prizes and earn

we say micro-blog marketing, most companies are most familiar with the activities of micro-blog. The micro-blog event that is a prize event, there is a prize for the most popular activities than the prize forwarding. And then there’s the big wheel, smashing the golden eggs, etc.. Basically all the more attention to micro-blog’s operations and other companies have done micro-blog prize activities, as a serious play micro-blog we should often be @.

so what I want to focus on is the value of such a prize forwarding activities in the end if we do not really operate such an event, in fact, we do not know. Maybe we are confused by the very lively scene. I’ve just been really in touch with a micro-blog event to share what I’ve seen and shared with you.

according to the theory, the social media such as micro-blog, if the value is very high. Because the communication is based on a relationship. Our photographs by the way in a micro-blog share in love after the good stuff, commented that this product how good, although you only dozens of fans, but all believe you, because your fans and you may have acquaintances. Such social sharing is the real value. What we need is to encourage micro-blog owners to share our products and services, so that micro-blog is everywhere in our praise.

but in general, if the product is not attractive enough, or there is no hiss head, it is difficult to take the initiative to share. So we offer prizes, let them forward our product information, etc.. That’s what we’re doing now. The interest is the most attractive thing. As long as there is good, head broken and bleeding trouble again. Come rushing forward. Do not believe, you go to provide a few iPhone phone prizes do try.

but such forwarding slowly changed. Because there is often a lot of prizes forwarding activities of the content of the serious nature of advertising itself is not attractive. There are links, @ N multiplayer. Looks unsightly. This has deviated from the nature of social sharing marketing. So as a real micro-blog player, forward this activity to reduce the enthusiasm.

there is a problem, that is limited prizes, each winning probability is very low. Many activities are forwarded thousands of times is very easy, only a few prizes. Winning probability can be imagined. The only way to improve your chances of winning is to take part in activities. We Chinese are very clever. Simply go to the registration of a special forwarding activities micro-blog. Every day to find activities around forwarding, forwarding dozens of hundreds of times. This is a great chance of winning. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet.

below is the forwarding activity of micro-blog:


so those of you who forwarded over ten million prize forwarding activities, in fact, most of the forwarding is not worth. Marketing effect, of course, greatly reduced slightly. But also to pay Sina to promote the activities of the cost of a few million prizes. Count down. This effect is not worth it?

this problem is Sina’s problem. If >

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