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"your client is on the Internet, where are you?" is the slogan that Cao Fanghua wrote when he went to the proposal. This sentence is right, the Internet is one of the inevitable choice for the survival of enterprises in the Internet age. Because of the development of Internet enterprises, so there are many Internet companies, because of the Internet business, only the number of domain name was registered, but also because the Internet enterprises is necessary, so many people think that the company to do a website is the Internet.

enterprise Internet is necessary, the problem I do not want too much ink. How to use the Internet? Summer vacation, there is a cooperation, a society, a boss of a Xiamen University graduate network construction personnel, a professional doctorate, Xiamen University is a popular one is that I think, a very clever strategy of creative motor. It would be nice to have four people together. Money, technology, creativity, and the so-called economics are not problems. Just then I quit, why?

Dr. Xiamen

called a website of the entrepreneur, the official website of the enterprise, a very ordinary site, full of praise. Why is very common, and China and the world is the same as countless enterprise website. Is a platform for enterprise self advocacy, is simply a 1 era of the site, in fact, less than 1, the site of the era of the or content is king, providing a huge amount of information.

so this is a question of how to keep pace with the times, Web2.0 era enterprise portal how to do:

1 why the traditional enterprise website damn traditional website is just a self – proclaimed platform, can only issue a single voice. Originally the core function of enterprise website is self promotion.

2 who will come to the corporate website to receive Publicity because the purpose of the traditional enterprise portal is very simple, very simple, is to understand the enterprise information. Therefore, only those who have a strong desire to buy consumers and brand super fans will visit this site.

then only the desire to buy a strong consumer and super fans will come to visit this website, so enterprise portal self promotion function is very good play? Whether such as enterprise to realize the self promotion function of


how to use human communication, make the brand concept of propaganda, make the concept of brand identity automatically involved brand publicity? Let enterprise website to become a brand concept of depth interpretation platform? How to realize the interaction between the brand and the audience of the

?In the era of

Web2.0, the community of enterprise portal, the inevitable choice of enterprise portal in Web2.0 era. Cao Fanghua and horizontal interactive creative agency services to customers in Xiamen Guose private kitchens hotel will become the first Chinese area realize enterprise portal community enterprise website is currently under construction in · · · ·>

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