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forum, blog promotion methods suck in, more and more owners to turn to soft. Since melatonin through the flooding of soft Wen promotion, soft Wen promotion began a tour of the network. Soft Wen is popular because it can make traditional advertising "soft" into normal can read the text, but not in the advertising information appearing naked in front of the user, allowing users to produce disgust, better sell their own advertising, allowing users to accept and deserved. But soft, while watching the benefits, but many webmaster deterred forgotten, because many owners are very troublesome to write articles, for a long time can not think of a paragraph. Today the author in a series of forms with everyone explain their contact with the soft type of crash, today, the first sales of how soft the


was the first to write sales soft, need to know what is your purpose in writing this article, published in what kind of platform, the expected effect is how much, how much is the proportion of inputs, these need to be clearly understood as clear as noonday. Only when these clearly grasp, be aware of, you can insert oneself want to promote in the soft information. In the face of their soft components in the know, how to quickly put it in an article? Here we divided into three sections, because the general soft are composed of three sections, which is the basic, the author also takes three basic to be divided.

paragraph 1: a good beginning is half the battle. Seen the beginning of many articles, or directly report their names, such as a certain company, most fail soft love in the first report from the house, may want to improve their reputation. But the author believes that this is the beginning of the beginning of a failure, the beginning of the statement, the ordinary beginning, it is difficult to attract the reader’s eye, as the saying goes, a good beginning is half the success. So in the sales of the soft, how to begin to let users should have read on? The author provides three start method, the first question, such as writing the soft mattress sales, such as why they go to bed at two or three every day will be so spirit? Is it because with it? When you see the word of it when there is a want to see this what it really is, there will be such a charm. This creates a successful beginning. Second methods of borrowing. Many authors believe that at the beginning of the information you want to promote or express, write the first word is the promotion of information. In fact, this is a taboo, before you should have seen a burst of red micro-blog, simply mention 51 bills, can let the red burst. Investigate its reason, we all know that it is a mobile phone screen icon table, but the author use other brands take advantage of their own explosive points. Third kinds of usage. Most of the time we can see this article, beginning is the use of reference famous sayings, in order to get more attention, after all, who have Starchaser mentality, when associated with their idols and the nature.

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