Enterprise network promotion early wise remark of an experienced person

The so-called

is just in the early you company responsible for network promotion, if you have a veteran please, this article is mainly about how much work experience or without first for the network promotion work friends, I say not correct, but also his own body, wrong place please forgive me. I hope you have to share their experience, learning together, talk together, and common progress.

first point: write promotion plan. Just enter the company, first of all need to responsible person or company executives to submit a network promotion plan, this plan did not touch what version, but after all is the same: the search engine, the user experience of the execution of friendly; this is the most fundamental starting point of view. The plan book about the content analysis of the present situation of enterprise website network marketing, network competition situation analysis website company, the company’s website analysis and optimization, user experience analysis, site selection in different operational stages of website promotion, network brand promotion plan, the search engine promotion plan, paid search engine promotion scheme and so on, the heart write a plan, so the company leaders will be very good for your first impression, you are feeling work plan, this is very important.

second points: narrative promotion. Submit the plan book, it is best to find a convenient time, face to face with the person in charge or company executives talk about the topic of network promotion, said here is not the same with the above writing is more casual, need to add some examples of verbal process, the purpose is make company leaders more easy to understand, because the leadership generally not particularly adept, but have heard, so you have to deepen the understanding of leadership by saying that the network promotion of network marketing, and in the process of communication, if you can articulate, vivid language, company leaders will be more attracted to you, think you are a talent, so you left a good impression second.

third points: actual operation. The light above the writing and speaking is not enough, although the company’s first impression of you is very good, but also do not know whether you are really expected. So this time we need to go to the actual operation, to make a small achievement to the company leaders look. Is in a short period of time (3-5 days), the related key word do home page, of course not refers to the enterprise website in search engine page, because their website related keywords to search engine home needs some time, a short time is difficult to achieve, of course, there are individual cases may be met. On the key words to do the home page I personally have a few recommendations, basically no problem after the end of Chengdu.

1, information dissemination and promotion. If you are going to do the promotion of the products in this line, you must first collect all types of business websites such as Alibaba, I incomplete statistics, there are nearly 1000 the size of this type of website, and then blog is registered, high weight blog blog blog, Sina, NetEase Baidu space, blog bus. I personally use these four blog more. Register more than the number, then the company’s product information posted up, and the relevant keywords to do super

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