Combat QQ space marketing how to attract potential customers to take the initiative to add friends

Although the current WeChat

fire is not, but the popular QQ space still can not be ignored, regardless of WeChat marketing or marketing, QQ space. Marketing ideas are basically the same, first of all to attract a lot of potential customers to add their own friends, or is concerned about their WeChat account. This step is also the most difficult, of course, you can also take the initiative to add those potential customers QQ number, but the new version of the Tencent Penguin restrictions can only add 5 friends a day, and more will be automatically locked. At least have to wait several hours to re add friends, so add friends is too slow, so do QQ space marketing can only think of ways to let strangers take the initiative to add you.

can be based on their own products to promote the selection of the target population, such as: their promotion is women’s clothing, the target population is naturally those young women. If the partition point, then according to the price of clothing and style, but not so careful. This part of the crowd is mainly interested in clothing, cosmetics and make-up, so in these topics related QQ group can find a lot of target customers. Add group is not a difficult thing, but how to let the group of friends take the initiative to add you, it is necessary to think about how to promote their own. Usually can be more active in the group to speak, or to share some of the members of the group interested in content.

, of course, in the planning of QQ space marketing, first of all to their own space to decorate a good point, as the QQ number of the best level of high points, or someone else will know that a trumpet. According to their own experience, the trumpet and friends will be more difficult, and then is to insist on updating the daily space log and talk about. Do not need to publish those ads soft Wen, because there are few visits to space, published soft little significance. Usually can release some humorous joke, or is reproduced some friends interested in the article, such as: there are articles on clothes and so on.

often visit the group of friends in the space, in a timely manner to attract friends to attract attention, or to a friend dynamic comments. This is a long process of accumulation, for example, every 100 points, released 100 comments, you can accumulate a lot of friends days and months multiplying. Even if it is not their own friends, the general will visit your space, of course, if you have a lot of friends, you can use the software to brush praise. There are even software can charge each other step on the space, as well as brush log comments, but the software can not replace the manual, in order to maintain a good relationship with friends, we must adhere to more communication.

as a QQ space marketers to determine the marketing ideas, the next step is the workload and execution. To develop a more detailed work plan, the more detailed the better, and then adhere to the operation of a month, and then assess how the effect. In order to change or improve their marketing ideas. The article by the square network original reproduced please indicate

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