All roads lead to Rome outside the Baidu website development approach

known. Personal website in order to get rapid development, the most practical way is to let Baidu included. And then SEO means to bring a steady stream of IP. Recently Baidu do not know what to do. New sites is not included! This makes a lot of webmaster very headache! So, is not Baidu not included, we really have no other way to develop the site?

I don’t know which guy said, "all roads lead to Rome". There is some truth in this sentence.

my new year’s Eve evening released two stations to do SEO observation ( and, I wrote an article has not been included in Baidu, but now every day there are 600IP and 1400ip. May have a friend does not believe that a new station is not included in Baidu, should not be developed in just 10 days or so fast. It is my method is very simple.

first, do not underestimate the power of Chinaz and Admin5 noisy, spend a few hours, elaborate some good soft release out. May be more talented friends and not a few hours, can be directly made, but I’m not that kind of person, only to spend more time. I posted a Admin5 in 2007, China’s poorest webmaster on my site to bring about 6000IP.

second, be sure to understand, Baidu to you just temporarily not included, so be sure to update the article in time, because Baidu is not included. Does not mean that Baidu spiders do not come to your site. In a word。 As long as your domain name has not been pulled into the blacklist Baidu library, you have a 90% chance to be included. Because the directory is the assessment of your site.

third, a very old method. Use your QQ group, but do not recommend you to others in the group’s advertising.

I like this: to several domestic hacker websites before I sleep every night, the latest data released them, then the whole issue to my station, then my site URL released to the group, and told them that good resources after every day yes, I have two QQ, a total of 8 groups. There are 6 groups of people in more than 90. Basically, the number of people in the group, are stable repeat customers. There are a lot of friends to build their own group to me as administrator, I would not waste my identity, with the leadership of the group to the noise transfer it.. Hey hey!

fourth, we must know how to persevere, do not build a stand out, half a day to see nothing of the harvest of ten days, and then delete the program, another theme was a new station. This is a lot of novice Adsense most prone to errors. Just like a piece of "primary school learn monkey down". Hee hee.

fifth, we must understand. Baidu relatively speaking, is still very fair, write these, not to let your friends down Baidu, but in this Baidu is not included in the very period, we will

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