The case study of the successful marketing of no related articles

never find related posts plugins released today to just a few months, it has been the domestic numerous bloggers selected. The WordPress platform established to unseat WP-relate-post, almost occupied the first page of Baidu and Google "the plug" keyword all entries. At the end of February, and look for the Discuz launch platform related posts plugin, launched only a few days, is the same in the Discuz related forums are sought after, has been found in many forums began to use to find the related posts plugin.

in addition to a number of blogs and forums, Caixin, bit network, plum network and other well-known information portal has also begun to introduce no related articles related services. In the past few days, I also tried to find the plug-in in the blog, and the search for the network and no promotion measures to do a more in-depth analysis. Find no way to do so with a plug-in so hot there are several main reasons:

1, the advantages of the product itself. Good product is the reputation among the users, as Google had entered China, did not do too much promotion, but also the rapid occupation of the domestic high-end white-collar market. To find related articles / post plug-in does similar recommendation algorithm is more accurate than the existing plug-in.

it will not only analyze the label, title and content of the article will be based on the user’s history click real-time feedback to adjust the accuracy. The combination of text and style to increase the visitor’s attention, which gives the site users click on the growth of more obvious. After my own use, the flow caused by the plug-in plug-in can basically account for about 15% of the entire site traffic, the results are very good!


2, market competitors vacancy. Due to the personalized recommendation system for technology and algorithm requirements are relatively high, the domestic similar products to do very little. And will try to focus on the relevant articles of the service of this product segments, and long-term based on small and medium-sized market is less. The algorithm in the traditional blog platform just according to the tag recommendation accuracy is low, the technology is backward; the forum is convenient, there is no related posts after service; to find a similar foreign website called Linkwithin, because it is a foreign service recommendation algorithm mainly based on English, for Chinese content recommendation accuracy is limited. So to find the launch of the service, such as in a place where there is no one, and quickly occupied the market.

3, famous Bo effect. Without looking at the launch of the service, the first is to start from the domestic well-known independent blog, has invited domestic famous Moonlight blog, scientific squirrel, 36kr, sea cabinet, sharing network 2, the Internet that something, Mobile 2. In the open network, the same is known from the beginning of these blogs, by adding it to the "core blog" permissions, as the first batch of search network >

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