Rookie network to complete the first round of financing amount of over ten billion yuan


technology news March 14th at noon news, rookie network announced the introduction of new strategic investors, new investors including the Government Investment Company of Singapore (GIC), Temasek Holdings (Temasek), Malaysia Khazanah company (Khazanah), Chunhua capital and a number of famous domestic and foreign investment institutions. This is the first round of the rookie network since its inception in 2013, foreign financing, although the official did not disclose the specific amount, but informed sources said to Sina Technology, this round of financing amount of over ten billion yuan.

rookie network CEO Tong Wenhong said that China’s economy in the first ten years to see the electricity supplier, after the last ten years to see the logistics, logistics industry, the status quo and prospects exciting. Rookie network is to promote the upgrading of the logistics industry, is willing to work with partners to provide consumers with more efficient service.

she also said that as the future logistics infrastructure China business, will be the platform, data and socialization of logistics service, the rookie will use their definite advantage in these areas, continue to do to help businesses and logistics partners to solve their problems in the logistics, improve logistics efficiency.

rookie round of the introduction of strategic investors in the network, including a number of internationally renowned sovereign wealth funds and well-known private equity funds. Singapore’s Government Investment Company (GIC) said that the choice of rookie network is optimistic about the prospects and opportunities for the logistics industry, data driven and open cooperation is the inevitable trend of development of the logistics industry, believe that the rookie network will continue to lead the wisdom of the logistics industry.

rookie network and the investment to reach a consensus, will work together to promote the logistics network construction and in-depth data use, to create products and more data, including further rookie network partners through various logistics links of the pain points, improve logistics service quality.

rookie according to official data show that access through courier companies, warehouse distribution service providers, goodaymart logistics, Suning, landing with the company, more than 70% of the total China express parcel, thousands of domestic and foreign logistics warehousing, logistics and distribution companies and 1 million 700 thousand staff are working in the vegetable bird data platform.

rookie network and Taobao electricity supplier, ant gold service and called the three most important strategic ecosystem Alibaba business layout. Its goal is to build a data driven, collaborative social logistics platform to become China’s essential infrastructure business.

at present, the rookie through the data connection, has established a warehouse distribution, courier, terminal, cross-border, rural and other five business systems, built a full chain of logistics service network.

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