Z Blog blog program how to manually add keywords

Z-Blog blog program source code for many people is not unfamiliar, I think Z-Blog blog program in many ASP blog program is still very good, but there are some very fatal problem. So here I would like to introduce a little and we introduce this procedure, talk about how to add the key to the program.

Z-Blog is a set of ASP platform based on open, efficient, robust, practical, beautiful Blog publishing program. Has the following characteristics: excellent generating static files, in full compliance with web standards, making templates, the height can be completely separated, and show the logic operation logic WAP Browse / comments / published / management function, support for third party WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) editor, TAGs, better classification of articles, you can define a static file name ATOM format, XML database backup, automatic replacement of key words in the article as the default link, unified access control, the full-text search.

Z-Blog has a lot of template theme for everyone to choose, basically what you want to be able to easily modify the. So Z-Blog blog program has become the preferred choice of many bloggers, although Z-Blog is very popular with bloggers but it is not perfect. I found through the observation that many of the use of Z-Blog programs are not modified to the existence of a website is not conducive to the optimization of defects.

Lu Songsong blog is a very popular blog, his blog program is the use of Z-Blog. Of course, now his blog Baidu weight 5, so high weight blog I can only feel powerless and frustrated. I was watching his blog when he found his blog did not set the default key words, the following attached to a website I detect his key words are as follows:


detected the site does not set any keyword, but not his own deliberately set the key word I don’t know, then I tested under the Z-Blog program, in its original background can not directly set the key word. That everybody would say Lu Songsong people do not set the keyword or the website how do go up? Don’t think so, the website does not set the key word actually has a great effect on the website, keywords on the site in SEO settings will affect your site exposure rate. Therefore, the use of this program must be manually add their own keywords. I write here to give you the key word method.

to manually modify the default.html file, the file in the root directory of the site under the theme of the THEMES file, open the file. Find the code < meta name=" description" content=" < #ZC_BLOG_SUB_NAME#> " >

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