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2013 search areas open to see blood. Ali cloud search formally launched, rumors Baidu Holdings UC agreement reached, Sogou will usher in the capital level action. This is a Qihoo 360 in 2012 show the search stage, instantly become warlords take up arms. In the field of mobile search, behind the giants have been very anxious to buy a helpless mouth. This pattern will change? Not necessarily!

360 PC end the war into a situation of tripartite confrontation leveraging hegemony


from the industry competition level, PC is Baidu, 360, after the end of the three war (the Tencent Sogou soso is in the middle of last year the Tencent structure was broken up), now Ali cloud search into the bureau. 360 search in this role as a catfish.

August 2012, 3B war broke out, 360 push their own comprehensive search. Just 6 days time, occupy the domestic search market share of 10%, forcing Baidu shares fell again and again. Then from the beginning of the fourth quarter began to accelerate commercialization.

but the position of Baidu on the PC side is still very strong, but the results from the fourth quarter of 2012, desktop search business growth is weak, and the trend is expected in the future will be continued for one year, and the quarter traffic acquisition costs increase, the ceiling has now, now is to keep country.

days ago, Alibaba officially launched Ali cloud search (s.aliyun.com), "Ali mother alliance platform from the service department of Taobao based businesses to face all the advertisers open ad trading platform, Ali cloud ready for commercial search. ‘

IT the famous critic Hong Bo said that the reason there are people to enter, because the PC side search a mature business model, do not need to spend effort to explore, just need to occupy a certain market share, the income is visible, therefore families are happy to invest.

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Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang has said that the search market competition is actually a browser competition. From the data, UC, QQ browser, European friends occupy the top three. PC end of the boss who disappeared.

breakthrough in the product, Baidu and Sogou based on existing technology accumulation, voice assistant will be the main technology to explore the next generation of search, 360 as No.

compared to 360 browsers in the PC end of the 300 million users, in the mobile terminal is much less, the number of users is ten million. 360 at the end of the mobile terminal is still a security product

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