There is a kind of work called live Kam Kam division now artificial intelligence also debut

Abstract: all the elements of the edge ball, has become a live brake desire train. Trend can not be reversed, only technology can better protect the boundaries of the network.

the first room is the surf of the sea, the beautiful floral skirt girl on the waves, the sea breeze blowing hair, hand held hair, holding a self bar on the screen, eagerly and every new live among the spectators greeting;

second is a real live hit LOL (League) northeast brother, his role as "nanny", while his teammates shouted "blood", "Yeah, ah";

is a third room gym treadmill wearing tight sportswear girl, just take her abs and shot her vest line, gas kick out of sweating, still did not forget to and interact with the audience;

fourth room is a floral shirt boy in a DJ music, he was bored and spectators character does not comply with the provisions of the state a barrage of ridicule, not involved in jurisprudence, pointing Jiangshan where fifth rooms; is a girl dressed as a rabbit eyes blurred, innocent female anchor, at the moment, she was holding a low temperature wax, introduced to the visitors, this is SM props supplies.

in the live room, stay at home, all visible faces.

this is our unique imprint of the times, whether it is red, network star, Internet gangster, or you like my people out of mobile phone, camera, and associated can screen thousands on thousands of spectators.

night time, you no longer have to sleep alone, each live in anchor intentions under the self-contained, people have to admire, sowing, someone, its own play – however, the suction powder and maximum flow, are still the female anchor are the name of pornographic edge ball.


desire train

late at night, friends sent a Betta live link, while with the mystery of the smiling face of WeChat. Morifumi said: "the old driver knows". A kind of tacit understanding, the Freemasonry old driver, mutual benefits.

and AV (adult video) is different, live video can give a sense of participation, but also to create a body in which the pleasure. Through the barrage, rewards and other forms, viewers can interact with the host, the influence of anchor behavior. Morifumi told Xtecher: "you have a reward, send a" rocket "(live virtual gifts), may also be required to anchor the specified action. More exciting than AV! "

short hair female anchor, makeup, wearing a veil, graceful graceful, with blurred music and flickering lights, out of sexy dance…… Ambiguous, morifumi nerve was quickly flirting, agonistic, so he did not hesitate to send two rocket, a rocket is equal to 500 of a shark’s fin, shark’s fin is equal to 1 RMB – fast gift is the main component. "

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