Sohu station on the line and a giant influx of mobile station market

A5 ( station network January 7th news, Sohu recently launched a visualization tool — the rapid establishment of Sohu fast station owners can use the tool through online visual page editor simple generation of mobile terminal site own. Sohu said the portal content management experience design inspiration from the Sohu company operating more than a decade, the station quickly provides 16 functional components and built 16 sets of templates. Fast station using HTML technology, can be a key to generate APP, and based on Sohu CDN backbone speed.

Sohu is the Baidu siteapp fast station, self-service mobile station of Tencent after another Internet giant bell launched. 2013, the rapid development of domestic mobile internet. The number of mobile Internet users, mobile providers, mobile search are showing explosive situation. The development of mobile phones, tablet and other mobile hardware also contributed to the PC end user to the mobile terminal offset. WeChat’s rise also allow Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and other Internet giants have launched a fierce competition for mobile portal. As a webmaster of the Internet grassroots, is also the mainstay of the Internet, for the giant, seize the webmaster resources means that captures the underlying Internet traffic. Mobile Internet due to the high technical threshold, many webmaster flinch, launched a self-help tool can not only help the owners have their own mobile site and APP, can bring more resources to the mobile terminal entrance giants.



At present,

mobile station market, Baidu siteapp occupy the main market, the Tencent launched the chimes also increased the competition in the field of Sohu, quick launch, means that the giants begin to pay attention to the importance of the mobile station resources, mobile station market war triggered at any moment. In the Web terminal building market, the domestic well-known CMS system provider CMSTOP also launched an online web design tool 9466 web assistant. Fool self-help Station success, is still an unknown.

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Sohu station official website:

Sohu station has six major advantages:

1 without technical basis, simple drag and drop can generate beautiful page

fast development of a powerful visual page editor, no technical basis, a simple drag and drop to generate a beautiful page. In addition, in order to facilitate the rapid generation of your page, fast standing for you >

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