2017 online short rental market contains numerous possibilities

in 2015 after the short rental industry development of the small peak, short hire O2O in 2016 also played a pretty battle. From the industry dynamic point of view, in the year 2016, 12 short rental platform to obtain new financing, short rent wooden bird to complete the tens of millions of B round of financing, to obtain an angel round of financing sofa travel, a friend’s house, Wa Don Wa Sh, such as the new Yanmuxi, entrepreneurial team, live hundreds of meters, Yu B & B two the brand successfully landed three new board, on the way home to complete the acquisition of ants short rent and so on, show in 2016 Internet plus short rent fiery situation. In 2017, the good news first originator Airbnb profit, and China short rental market contains a number of possibilities, Chinese domestic short rental companies can have more brilliant future,


Europe and the United States compared to short rental is still an international hot spot

global Internet is an open economy, it has very strong infectivity, generally from developed countries, the transition to the developed countries, and international short rental hot will continue to penetrate the China, let Chinese short rental industry on the current basis, again on the floor.

from the international environment, the housing share is still relatively hot global development, has become the focus of attention of the capital projects, mainly for the home market share continues to expand, in the accommodation localization short hire platform emergence and international government issued normative laws and regulations. In general, are supplemented by the status of the hostel accommodation, the hotel has gradually risen to alternative products, continue to shake the dominance of the rivers and lakes hotel.

Morgan Stanley research center data show that in 2015 compared with 2016, the use of Airbnb users increased by 19%, this figure will rise to 25% in 2017, and nearly 49% of the respondents said in 2016 from the Tradition Hotel in favor of Airbnb.

short rental from the global environment, Airbnb is one of the international platform, in addition to Homeaway comprehensive hostel booking platform. In addition, the world also appeared in the localization of the platform, like the London based HouseTrip, is one of the biggest European vacation rental website; local Jalan Japan, specifically for the travelers hostel booking service etc..

international short rent heat to the foot of the domestic short rental platform for China confidence, a local short rental industry pointed out the direction of development, on the other hand, China short rent of enterprise reform according to the China users buying behavior difference, the difference of social economic, marketing infrastructure differences, competitive environment difference, so that the construction of the platform structure, resources more in line with the user’s habits of travelers.

Chinese rent short follow-up dynamic

begin to display talents

in the past, the vast majority of people travel 70% in order to meet business needs, from one city to another city exhibition, conference, communication business, etc.

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