Seven years experience of the site; every sentence is the truth

      the past two years, I always insist on, do not know to what, if just beginning to do to others, in order to make money, in order to fulfill a dream, I think I was to do, the site built in more than a year, during which what I learned, let I said I do not tell what that person’s life will have their own dreams, since the advent of the school year, learning the computer, I feel, can have a website that is my dream, and by their own factors, plus the school did not learn what restrictions, basically a year..


      2001 by relatives, I from a middle school in rural areas directly to a secondary school in Zhengzhou, learning computer network, at that time, the school, the first year only to 586 rooms in order to learn typing, typing, in summer I took from home 70 yuan to buy a keyboard on the TV play, the practice is a holiday, so fast typing, because of the cultural level of the course is not how many Chinese characters are forgotten, as I am typing, if you will soon play out when playing will not slow the character, so it can be said a little regret that I didn’t have a good education, secondary school second years next semester, the school opened, Front page2000 asked for Oh, do not understand, then your website is to use this to do it, I will try to learn, go to Internet cafes to see something else to play I do not play games, because there are more attracted me things waiting for me in the school room, do not let on, one week only 4 classes, but not the Internet, only local operations, it is the limitations of this saying, feeling, now it is our school children. Really can not learn what to say, or to rely on their own, the 2003 opening of the class has a VB, the basic quality and did not learn, the teacher just leave that reading, after class, who do not know who also asked not understand, just like that! Then by chance, found the Zibo information port on the Internet and provide free space, for one, I also found a, is a training class, is outside, there seems to be 30 yuan will be on.


      where I built a first web page is just a simple word above will move ", remember that listening to the teacher said when teaching " specific " then in the online search, to find some useful things, but in the days after the long time, no free space into a space charge, I closed the site, then basically waiting to graduate soon, originally a lot of people on the college, I did not, I a person went to the northeast, find a computer and does not account for the side of the work, do the pharmaceutical sales at that time I ran the Heiji Liaoning provinces in many places, there is half the time I didn’t touch the computer, in black!

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