Everyone CEO Chen Yizhou in 2017 out of 3 million individual stock incentive platform anchor

[TechWeb] January 9th news reports, all the company’s products based on social live everyone live in Beijing last night held a "starry night ceremony", everyone’s chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou unveiled and released the three good news everyone live.


everyone CEO Chen Yizhou: 2017 come up with 3 million individual stock incentive platform anchor

Chen Yizhou said that the value of all live broadcast to the anchor is divided into the recent value and forward value, and announced three good news. First, the network will be the end of the PC traffic, the introduction of all the live broadcast platform, to create more value for the anchor.

second, everyone live will be the reform of network anchor single red brush the face of the era, you can anchor through the platform to sell luxury luxury cars, live, create business value and more development opportunities for anchor, this is not available in other broadcast platform.

third, 2017 Chen Yizhou individuals will come up with a value of 3 million of the shares of all people, the award platform to contribute the largest of the three anchors. He encouraged everyone to work together to create a live broadcast of China’s most cattle live platform.


awards ceremony brought together hundreds of Red Net anchor, and selected the annual champion cooperation agencies, the year’s best creative institutions, the most potential new anchor and anchor, the annual best of the year’s most popular anchor awards. Liu Yan, Cao Yunjin, Mo Xiaoqi, Chen Handian and other stars attended, invited guests from the campus net red anchor, mostly male god, Curve Wrecker jiaocao campus Belle, returnees.

according to industry survey data show that the network red anchor, the majority of the number of student anchors, but also one of the higher income anchor groups. Student anchor in the talent and the image of the advantage, the user can continue to output high-quality entertainment content. At present, many red net to limelight, rely on vulgar, wonderful performances attract attention, in order to win a reward, repeated low scale. 2017 broadcast industry is bound to usher in a reshuffle, there is a strong platform for the production of entertainment content, while the platform has a higher quality anchor team, will go further. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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