People a month to complete the dismantling of the proposed VE landing three new board

[Abstract] president of the people’s network, said Luo Ying, the company will be listed on the first landing three new board, and then look to the motherboard or gem.


at this moment to dismantle the VIE structure of the A shares of the Internet flood, focusing on the C2C model 10 years of domestic classification information website people’s network recently staged a scene of the fastest split VIE play.

only 1 months, this is the first Financial Daily reporters to the people of the network to confirm the exclusive use of the VIE. A just spent half a year to help a company to remove the VIE structure of the industry veteran told this reporter that, six months to complete the demolition of fast, within 1 months to get really rare." People’s network of the demolition of the VIE scissors hand attributed to the domestic capital market is optimistic about the classification of information sites, as well as the people’s network in their own light mode decision and implementation of a small boat u-turn".

shares of the company in the United States in April this year, with 58 city Ganji, large classified information website to be stationed in the A stock market in the short term only a network of people, coupled with the recent news of Baidu shares and thus expand the future imagination, are conducive to the people network in the future to seize the A shares of classified information industry leading position. According to people’s network president Luo Ying revealed to our reporter, the company will be listed on the first landing three new board, and then look to the motherboard or gem, will choose more in line with our interests that one."

is expected to become A shares classified information leader

"the present situation is better than the U.S., return flow. At the same time, the positive aspects of the listing can bring people to get more resources for the next strategic layout of the network." In this reporter and talked about the demolition of the previously built VIE structure, the original intention of the return of A shares listed, Luo Ying said.

recently, the privatization of the concept of privatization seems to increase with the summer temperatures. In July 9th, the celebrations of the times and the privatization offer came almost at the same time the news. At the same time, Qihoo 360, Jiayuan, unfamiliar street, Focus Media, grand, perfect world shares in return is also on the way. According to the statistical data provider Dealogic, in June this year, 15 Chinese companies listed in the United States received a privatization offer, the total transaction value of $22 billion 600 million, nearly two times the previous delisting all shares of the total value.

and the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang in June 4th to return to the people who have brought a dividend policy. At the meeting, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation and many other initiatives, there is "promoting including VIE special ownership structure of entrepreneurial companies listed in the territory".

current market value does not reflect the value of the company, optimistic about the evaluation of the domestic capital market, which is the vast majority of the choice of privatization in the face of the stock market environment. For example, Dangdang market capitalization of $more than 500 million in the U.S. market, in its CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) seems to be underestimated. YY C>

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