Hong Yi the site to get rid of the curse of Alexa authority

      Alexa traffic statistics do have a certain authority, otherwise it will not become a tool for Sohu and Sina struggle. Today’s Sohu had Alexa said, just as Sina with Alexa data to run Sohu. It is a pity that today’s Alexa, even ignore the Chinese style of its authority of the compliment, with the treatment of South Korea’s Web site to treat Chinese websites, this is a wise practice?

      now we assume that Alexa is authoritative, so its authority must have two things: one is to support a wide range of visibility, this seems to have Alexa; two is the authority of the fair and accurate Alexa traffic statistics data and algorithms, it is worth discussing.

      there is a proposition called Sohu traffic cheating.

      1, and now we assume that the proposition is established. So Alexa’s authority should be questioned, because the data statistics and calculation of website ranking algorithm is not perfect, it can not avoid cheating without authority.

      2, now we assume that this proposition is not true, then Alexa’s authority should also be questioned, because the website not cheating, but Alexa the authority to make changes to their algorithm, make statistical results before and after the disparity, Alexa to do so is to give up his authority automatically.

      from the above two points, Alexa no authority. Since Alexa does not have the authority, so the blind worship of Alexa traffic statistics is a bit Chinese national quality. From this we can see, Alexa traffic statistics event is an international farce.

      Alexa can make site because the site they worry about personal gains and losses, too superstitious Alexa, and simply in this superstition. In fact, the site is not just rely on Alexa traffic statistics and rankings alive, Alexa data shows a certain problem, but can not explain all the problems.

      1, the web site is chosen by the Internet users, is depending on it can give and meet the needs of users.

      2, the site’s advertising and other earnings and Alexa traffic statistics and ranking relationship is not life-threatening. Even many websites simply ignore Alexa.

      3, Alexa traffic statistics and rankings can give the site a certain degree of aura, but in addition, there is no more >

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