Popular repeated infringement fatal lack of originality blockbuster acquisition of two losses 20 mil

at the end of the 1 quarter this year, tens of millions of downloads is not popular, with Iqiyi, Youku potatoes APP downloaded billions of dollars or even nearly 1 billion downloads by far.

Internet wave after wave of shock wave, is still in the burn stage even more intense competition in the video industry.

industry has the strength of the chiefs have to the upstream industry chain. In August 27th, Huace hand Iqiyi, Iqiyi jointly established Huace film company. Coincidentally, August 28th, Youku potatoes group announced the establishment of the film company "one pictures and hope to build O2O culture and entertainment platform.

throughout the entire video industry, is now the first camp Youku potatoes and Iqiyi PPS has been fighting for the first fight was half alive. Known as the music as the music, then continue to talk about his so-called platform + content + terminal + application ecosystem story.

after the formation of several major video sites in the competitive landscape, with the final entry Youku potatoes to join, the video site officially entered the new stage of the upstream industry force.

As for the

industry soldier 56 Network, popular, cool 6 although behind the mobile Internet era, but also want to make a difference. The day before, cool 6 network was grand abandoned, 41% shares to sell $47 million 350 thousand. As for the 56 Network, there are investment institutions recommend the parent company Renren sell it to release the value of the company.

popular network focus is to avoid the edge, to continue the story of the station network integration interpretation in the end, through SMG TV, bestv IPTV, the popular network media marketing story.

insiders said that the industry is difficult to judge the right and wrong, competitors are involved in the new business, do not be eliminated.

deep copyright dispute quagmire

mobile Internet era, the first video with the second echelon, the distance between the three echelon is quietly opened. As for the strength of the industry less soldier, 56 nets, the popular network, cool 6 will be lost in the mobile Internet era.

According to the

Chinese IT Research Center statistics, as of the 1 quarter of this year, APP downloads of the three were not billions of dollars, which is more popular network downloads no more than ten million. With Iqiyi, Youku potatoes APP downloaded billions of dollars and even compared to nearly 1 billion downloads, far from.

The above

insiders told reporters on the financial weekly, not many downloads in the mobile terminal, is related to the strategic layout of the popularity of the network, although the player turned popular network belongs to the technical flow, but its mobile terminal APP in August 2014 just on the line, obviously slower than the pace of the market.

in Iqiyi, the mobile Internet has APP operation in early 2011. Sooner or later, the layout will determine the influence of the industry, which also affects the number of users to download popular mobile terminal."

in addition to a problem that can not be ignored is that the original content is also a lack of stamina

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