Short video field difficult out of second Papi sauce Short video 2017 guess


Internet industry often the emergence of such a phenomenon, when a field of the normal needs of the user terminal, it is easy to distort the deformation signal mechanism, causing visitors suddenly increased, the supply side in a short period of time or even excess capacity duplication.

short video industry has seen some signs of such a platform: the number of categories account in delicacy in less than a year time over more than 10 times, according to an investor in the circle of friends said, over the past two months have seen no 50 claims to do a short video vertical platform BP.

this is also similar to the short video business bubble is such a discussion began to appear in the industry to see the contents of the cause of the circle.

short video "fire"


industry, especially the practitioners worry is not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

micro level, with the continuous influx of content creators group, is allocated to each content playback volume grew more slowly, this game player who run have some feelings, and from a macro point of view, according to Trustdata, the use of long short video user consumption accounted for the total length of the ratio reached a peak of 6.9% in August after the emergence of a decline in the proportion of the subsequent three months were only 6%, 6.5% and 6.1%, while MAU growth data related movements began to flatten.

domestic content market, endogenous characteristics are too strong, consumption has always been based on population size. Similar to the United States shot, second shot quickly, so the size of the short video platform in the probability of future appears, with lower overall permeability and slow growth of mobile Internet, no large blank consumer groups can become a new platform of the rise of soil potential.

when the infrastructure of a field (channel, platform) construction has entered a relatively stable stage, while using scene migration speed user seems to tend to moderate, the trend of development of industry of doubt is a very natural thing.

Reasons behind

is a field at the beginning of the year was also optimistic about, why so quickly encountered "cold"’


first, as the new list and other institutions have been analyzed, after the birth of the first short video of the first dial the contents of the harvest is completed, is one of the reasons for this wave after the outbreak of the outbreak of a certain decline.

why is this dial harvested after a short period of time without seeing enough new forces and valuable new targets to emerge?

Short video project

many later put their hopes in the traditional video distribution channels. In the recommended bit and focus map are increasingly tense moment, the platform for their own considerations, such as the amount of KPI considerations, more inclined to choose to give the resources to the various areas of the brand awareness of the famous content.

and in order to win at the moment, the flow of hoarding war, some of the price empty >

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