Live on the outlet of the pig can fly longer

learn from past

back in early 2014, WeChat, the pig on the night with a big trend – micro business. When the circle of friends just like playing chicken, the derivative in your side after another, they may be your junior high school students, can also be soaked in a bar one day a woman and so on. This yanguobamao forces in that year and almost the entire Internet it over, not only is the circle of friends, or forum social platform all with their presence, we are discussing them.


, after 2015, seemed to ease a lot. Many in the micro micro business friends just taking their hard earned all played Dayaji happy left the industry. Of course, taking micro friends more hair not earn, but it doesn’t mix, just walk away. Up to now, the micro business eye of this word appears less and less in the public eye, and if not a few friends in the circle out of advertising, I am afraid that this group is about to be forgotten.

like Internet phenomenon there are many, such as the time of unfamiliar street just appeared, social strangers suddenly exploded, various social strangers APP such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as quickly spread over a period of time, we are tired of, climax subsided.

, for example, footprints hot when the picture of social APP immediately up.

Another example of

mobile vertical field of the 2015 outbreak of the expansion boom, especially the door-to-door service home APP, Ling Lang everywhere, everywhere advertising.

the emergence of these phenomena is actually very normal, after all, the mobile Internet is just a door open for people in the near future, there are too many unknowns are waiting for us to explore. In the process of exploring, imitate people embodied the spirit of China most incisive, once a field of fire, we will rush to imitate. A large number of resources coming in, there will be a bubble, until the saturation of this area, everyone’s enthusiasm will slowly subside, this field can slowly stabilized.

look at the Internet industry in recent years, the project is not as the following trend. (the market seems to have this phenomenon in all walks of life, it is nonsense)


so the live broadcast will also be a period of time after the fire slowly depressed, and eventually stabilized. (blah blah blah blah blah)

how to fly farther on the air

how taking advantage of the key moment everyone in the air rushing wind, found to fly higher, fly farther, fly called


the next wave of mobile live cool down, how can we use this resource, the potential of mining clean it?


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