WeChat phone line on the first day of failure to respond because of too many users

WeChat phone on the first day of this line failed to respond due to excessive user

[TechWeb] November 13th news reports, WeChat phone book yesterday on the line, there is a normal landing, the user cannot fault signal intermittent. WeChat phone official micro-blog responded that the reason for the failure of the user is too large, login, register, receive SMS verification code, free calls and other functions are unstable.

The WeChat

phone micro-blog official said: "Dear users, due to the large amount of users after the release of the software, the current WeChat phone book service (including the login, registration, receive SMS verification code, free calls and other functions) instability, to some users had an impact, the relevant staff are treated in an emergency. Will be resumed as soon as possible. We are at any time with any further information, we are sorry for the inconvenience."

The WeChat

phone is an intelligent communication software, the biggest characteristic is to be able to call the toll free telephone network, at the same time with automatic backup contacts, import WeChat head, bulk SMS, bulk delete contacts and other functions, the 1.0.0 version yesterday to landing Android and apple applications store.

WeChat phone call feature free, but not WiFi environment will consume traffic. According to reports, WeChat phone book under 2G/3G/4G network call one minute consumes about 300K traffic; standby consumption flow to 1K/ hours after successful registration for the first time; automatic backup contacts need to consume a small amount of traffic (300 backup contacts need to flow up to about 60K); add / delete / modify contact person will automatically change the backup data. Single contact consumption flow 0.2K. (Ming Yu)

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