Tencent co founder Zhang Zhidong WeChat team for the lack of sensitivity to the importance of social

Zhang Zhidong (Figure)

sina science and technology news on October 31st, according to the first financial reports, Tencent WeChat group recently held an annual management team leadership conference, WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong invited Zhang Zhidong to make a speech.

public information, Zhang Zhidong 1999 and Ma Huateng in the creation of the Tencent Inc, leaving the former Tencent executive director and CTO (Chief Technology Officer), responsible for the development of proprietary technologies, including the development of instant communication platform and large online application system, due to private science since March 20, 2014 and September 20, 2014 resigned as executive director and chief technology officer of Tencent Inc.

Zhang Zhidong said that WeChat’s active users over 800 million, and the era of the existence of a huge difference between the 100 million. In addition to product thinking, but also to strengthen the social thinking. The complexity of the various social groups and classes is the main research topic.

he said that now WeChat has faced a lot of interpersonal overload and content overload problem, the team’s social sensitivity is relatively low.

another is a young director who, more love long time hold big move, eager to create the industry’s amazing characteristics. For these short period, the technical content is not high folk pain points, the director will be a variety of tasks, a variety of reasons and delays for a long time.

Mac WeChat 2 release version of the distance from the 1 version of a full year, some very easy to modify, but it is inconvenient to the East, the team is blind. WeChat message import and export capabilities, not as good as 20 years ago, dragons do Foxmail Client. I personally feel that the WeChat team has some of the "socialization" of the importance of the lack of sensitive Bug". (Yu Yi)

The following is the full text of


thanks to the invitation of the dragon, today to participate in the WXG (Note: WeChat business group) meeting, talk about my company’s products on the social impact of some thinking.

I two years before the departure of the management of the company, is no longer involved in the company’s business, in addition, (Note: the Tencent, Tencent Inc internal sharing platform) transactions, I has two main concerns, the company is a public product, the product is caused to society. WeChat is the most concerned about the product, because it has the most profound impact on society.

tribute to WXG’s colleagues

August saw the company released its 2 quarter earnings report, released by WeChat’s active users over the past 800 million. This is a major milestone, and I would like to pay tribute to WXG’s colleagues.

tribute to the WeChat team’s product spirit.

WeChat team to seize the opening of the mobile era, in more than 5 years, the team has been insisting on restraint and elegance; in the commercialization of the group

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