Sharing bicycles will usher in another industry reshuffle policy regulation


first month of 2017 has not been finished, the shared bicycle industry to usher in a wave of news, as the industry leader Mobell, first is financing $215 million, a few days later came the "pool of funds tight, users rely on the deposit to offset the day-to-day operating costs of the news, of course, is certainly not the official Mobell admit, and that has been through the relevant channels to the national network information office report. But it will have no official user deposit for daily operations, that Kun Peng theory, this is a false proposition, as long as the government does not intervene to limit deposit purposes, rely on conscious commercial company to manage the deposit but also to ensure that no misappropriation, is tantamount to a three year of abstinence single young men with a beautiful naked woman alone in a room, he may not have to. Of course, the official said no misappropriation, we do not have evidence to prove that the deposit was diverted, so it was a passing each other thing this thing only to and fro.

a, everywhere is a bike


is now in the field of bicycle sharing entrepreneurial companies a conservative estimate is not less than 18, each company invested in the city of bicycles are to million units, the number of ofo, even as Mobell in the same city put in "one hundred thousand" as the unit, this is not the local government before putting the pile of bicycle. The v-mobile as an example, from first to tenth bike debut in Guangzhou million, a total of 76 days, a shared bicycle industry for more than 100 thousand vehicles with the shortest city. Ofo has not been idle, January 10th ofo announced a strategic partnership with Chongqing Shapingba district government official stationed in Chongqing, the first delivery of 20 thousand bicycles. In January 11th announced the launch of "2017 city" strategy, plans to January 22nd, "one day city" speed, within 10 days of intensive into the 11 city, to provide travel services for local residents bike sharing.

in the previous article on Kun Peng said, no matter what, no matter what company in the city, and its conflict, to make way for the appearance of the city.

post office enough cattle? When the newsstand become the city factors, not overnight is cleaned up, the bike sharing enterprises then cattle, cattle can post


is the land of the bike is really convenient public travel, but free parking also greatly affects the appearance of the city, so when the bicycle company is sharing for yourself and the next city and the local government as cheerful as a lark, is considering how to limit the share of bicycle ownership. This hidden behind the murder, could be any one of the businesses can afford.

two, shared bike will also be a standardized measure


in January 12th this year or so, the Internet began to spread a saying: the relevant departments are brewing sharing bicycle industry management approach, >

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