Website promotion method

Do the preparatory work before the

website promotion, that is sure to enrich the content of your site, all kinds of information to all perfect website interface design to make people look comfortable, not gorgeous, but simple and practical can have the content, can attract the user, otherwise your visitors on your site will not stay more than 20 the seconds.


website optimization, website optimization including many website structure optimization, content optimization, chain optimization, keyword optimization and so on, this means if business owners do not understand the words to find the best special service companies or individuals to do. At present, many Internet companies and individuals to provide SEO services, but the industry has no fixed standard, so some companies will provide services to individuals or a big opening, encountered such a situation must be a lot of consulting, a company or person finally choose a relatively high cost of the signing of the contract.

2 release of information, information release refers to write original articles, and then publish your articles to the industry Web site, of course, also want to release their own website, but the best in your own web site, the famous article source source, when others reproduced you may come to your website by the way.

3 on the network advertisement, network advertisement does not exclude sometimes will be brought to the enterprise customers, it is important to note that the network advertisement must be accurate, you are selling the host domain name to the webmaster website advertising industry, targeted stronger, spend the least money to get the most benefit.

4 line activities, offline activities website promotion way is good publicity channels, such as enterprise activities, even if you do not have power to organize activities, can also sponsor related industry exhibition activities like, you can join the list of sponsors of the activities in the field, then put on your own website slogan or billboards and so on.

5 search rankings, Baidu PPC is no ground for blame, in the preferred way to promote the majority of enterprises, but more and more enterprises bidding invalid click a lot, the monthly income and expenditure disproportionately. Of course, the use of good words will achieve unexpected results, otherwise there will not be so many people do price ranking.

6 instant messaging tool, using personal instant messaging tools such as QQ, MSN, QQ group, QQ group to join the relevant industry, appropriate under their own website, the use of instant messaging tools can not only make friends understand the market can promote their own websites, every two, Why not??


7, here the question refers to the Baidu know, Sina ask, YAHOO knowledge, ask soso website to answer the question, answer how to answer what is the problem? First you find their own industry, the relevant keywords can also search their own industry or product, and then a users to view questions to answer, remember to leave your site. >

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