Mobile phone business to accelerate the music reminding information from the safety first

in recent years, the electricity supplier hot, especially after the popularity of mobile Internet, many brands have electricity supplier to the mobile Internet force. But, you know, in addition to domestic Jingdong, Taobao, several major electricity supplier website, what is the most accumulated user registration business platform? The turnover of domestic electricity supplier which industry platform, the cumulative number of registered users up? The answer turned out to be the mobile phone business.

as of early 2014, the number of mobile phone trading electricity supplier websites have occupied the domestic purchase crowd 67%. This trend and the development trend of the electricity supplier inertia, but also to start a number of mobile phone brands like electricity supplier transformation. Currently, the electronic business platform for the main sales channels of mobile phone brands are: millet, a plus, hammer, OPPO, Mito, HIKe, red rice, e-life…… Countless。 China’s own brand of mobile phones are in the transformation of the electronic business platform, and for the mobile phone electricity supplier, in addition to build a good operating platform for the sale, the user experience and user value protection is also crucial. However, the security trend of the site for several years, the popularity of the P2P model led to the direction of the network hacker attacks are also changing to the electronic business platform.

mobile phone business platform to do the best is none other than the official website of millet. But is such a mobile phone can sell 500 thousand 15 minutes of the website, actually broke in May this year, the official website forums vulnerabilities: a large number of user data leakage, affecting about 8 million registered users of the forum, and even affect the leakage of sensitive information such as millet mobile cloud. Is such a mature electricity supplier website, still did not escape the malicious hacker attacks. The same month, the official website of millet not only brutally attacked, the end of the month, the limelight Masamori hammer technology website traced to high-risk vulnerabilities, hit Unlimited Library, user information or leaked



not only these, if the security problem of nearly a few years of mobile phone website met together, is really beyond count. Jiayu mobile phone mall official once existed payment vulnerabilities and delivery logic vulnerabilities; Amagatarai mobile phone website broke out in 2013 to pay 21 yuan to buy 3 vulnerabilities, mobile phone; doov female mobile phone website in 2013 found that a large number of SQL injection can cause user data leakage.

now, has reached the user value is higher than all the product development era. If you just blindly pursue interests, while ignoring the importance of information security, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. Just imagine, should have been protected by personal information, but after being stolen, the free sale on the Internet, so that criminals on the user fraud and other criminal activities. To accelerate the music again, the site is closely related to information security and user value, even the most basic network security are not guaranteed, talk about how to improve the user experience, get the user value? Acceleration music as a depth of mining user experience, able to integrate the national DNS node, improve the electricity supplier website access speed, browsing speed, pay rate. And maintain an excellent network environment, resist all DDoS attacks allow hackers undetected.

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