Daily topics millet of the guest also can return to the past glorious moment

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network April 1st news, where an object of countless young people had been sought after, was popular in a "VANCL style" in 2010, but that is where the glorious period. Now where the customer status already as before now where the customer has been labeled as "millet" label, walk in the crossroads of transformation.

the evening of February 11th, Eslite founder and CEO in the old Sina micro-blog, "he said he only wanted a white shirt best, that night in June 2013. So, I kept asking, I kept looking, constantly thinking. 300, today’s dream come true." A micro-blog good poetry, then Lei responded in the old micro-blog: "as we old users, my request is very simple, a white shirt is really good! The product well, there will be where the customer brand and customer loyalty!" here have to say Lei Jun and old friendship is not general good! Where the plight of the rescue in the seventh Lei, Lei Jun guest is financing $100 million investment led.

said we go now from the prosperous old dilemma and wavering have a great relationship. In the past few years, the old have been rocking back and forth between the poles: the moment he hope every guest can become like that UNIQLO clothing brand business, then changed his mind, want to put the customer into selling all brand clothing business platform. There is a trick in the old time about drinking wine to half drunk, Lei Jun suddenly said: "we are not brothers? Is the brother to clear: where the customer products not, where customers treat product attitude!" these words let the old is stimulated, that evening, a bigger than Lei he was the first to get drunk. After a few more than Shenzhen Lei finally decided to do the brand.

from customers who launched down through several rounds of panic buying and pricing activities, 499 and 999, then to 300 shirts. Where the customer new sales model, more and more people say that this is the old old friend from Lei Jun get experience. So now where the customer is the crown "millet" label, but puzzling is after all mobile phone with clothes which are two different products, millet is also suitable for trial where


a network of clothing brand CEO believes that the user needs more sensitive clothing goods, which makes the quality of clothing is difficult to have a hard standard. And clothing products can let users screaming products, in general, will be the master of the design of the product, such as Ralph Lauren POLO shirt, every few days will be introduced to the public enduring style. And millet is its excellent price performance so that customers scream. Where the customer is not the lack of awareness, but the location is still low-end goods. Although millet is in the low-end mobile phone, but has a loyal fan base, and where the customer is not in the brand goods gather real fans group, so the process of marketing are likely to encounter the subsequent lack of embarrassment.

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