The desktop for Tencent Q open beta platform triggered at any moment

since last year, Baidu announced the launch of its open platform strategy, the domestic Internet is set off a burst of open air. Subsequently, 360, Sina micro-blog, Alibaba, Tencent, a few Internet giants have also put forward their own open concept, and one by one put into effect. Earlier this year, Tencent has announced its open platform strategy, June 15th, Tencent announced at the Partner Conference Q+ will be on-line in July. Today, Q+ comes. In July 13th, integrated in the latest version of the QQ client QQ2011 Beta3 (Q+) officially invited users to start the beta. The integration of near eighty applications of QQ+ to look forward to, as early as in March, 360 had launched the integration of the 360 security desktop community, chat, music, video, games, news and other necessary software. The two sides last year following the "3Q war", open platform dispute is triggered at any moment. Thus, the war of the domestic Internet open platform by SNS, micro-blog, e-commerce, mobile Internet, search engine, browser extended to the desktop client.

Q+ version of the current integration in the QQ client, just click on the lower right corner of the QQ client button can be a key to open. Judging from the parties to try to see, Q+ is still in the state of R & D and improve, although forward-looking, but many of the functional concept is still in the experimental stage, the Tencent has not fully open the full functionality of Q+. QQ + combine point is similar to the QQ desktop client and WEBQQ client with enhanced. Its on-line application is also more popular on the WEBQQ client desktop extension of some applications. In the integration of micro-blog, QQ space and other social products Tencent and not too many new ideas. It can be said the launch of the QQ+ beta is also accompanied by the continuous exploration and try in the. At present, the integration of application covers the fields of business, leisure and life, including Lily net, mango net, Qiyi, Kingsoft, Kingsoft disk write, many well-known third party application developers have landed them. Users simply log on to the QQ client to start QQ+ can add their favorite applications, enjoy online chat on the desktop, shopping booking, online video, browse micro-blog and other services, it should be said to be very convenient. The open platform of Tencent Q+, it is also the intention is through the integration of various desktop client application, the user box on our platform, open at the same time get more users and profits by third party applications, but also to QQ their products provide users entrance, development and expansion of its products.

portal has always been a hot Internet giants compete for. Browser, input method, search engine, web site navigation, as long as the Internet users access to the Internet, has been hung up the banner of open. The desktop client as the most widely used Internet users the most entrance, will become a new field of competition. Tencent with the domestic user base of the largest desktop client, QQ+ has launched a pre emptive. In the face of competition from the 360 security desktop, QQ+ has a different strategy, if the security desktop should be biased towards the integration of desktop software, then QQ+ is focused on