WeChat suffering can only do QQ do not market WeChat to leather QQ life

said, late in the February 27th, WeChat quietly released Mac version of the client, I believe that the first reaction is: WeChat into the PC end!

radical point will shout: WeChat to leather QQ life!

you are right, but… But why is the Mac version, WeChat really want leather QQ’s life, the user in the country dozens of times in the Mac Windows platform is not the first choice?

OK, I will expose the king penguin careful Allen Zhang think, say actually is all sorts of bitterness ah.

1 is really the QQ leather life, other business to the Tencent.

in the mobile terminal, WeChat is a Tencent of the carrier, but on the PC side, QQ is fully deserve the aircraft, no, can be said to be a star.

you open this page:

full of all kinds of business Tencent, WeChat really want to scuttle the Starship WeChat, you can hold up these business? Do not hold up the words, in which each business to rebel ah.

therefore, to the end of the leather QQ PC life, ranging from SNG (Tencent social platform Department) to speak, Pony is the first to stand up and say No.

and indeed, QQ in the PC side of the 15 years of hard work, really want to catch up with its user experience, the whole wide research do not eat or drink, probably have to develop a one or two year.

WeChat will certainly not do this thankless thing.

2 is not willing to do extensive research to QQ weak place?.

, however, the research is not willing to ah, I am in the mobile terminal user is so large, every day tens of millions of users with the web version of WeChat, so that the loss of resources it?

do not forget the original domain name WeChat: next.qq.com, this is what? This is called ambition!

The WeChat

overweeningly ambitious thought only to QQ weak place, is Mac.

contrast, you know, Mac version of the QQ did not go to the WeChat Mac version of the smart, in addition to QQ mailbox (which is widely developed their own products) basically nothing Tencent business, QQ members and other things involved in revenue does not exist.

this you see, WeChat on the Mac to replace QQ is nobody, I really experience than you, the user more than you, will not affect the overall interests of the Tencent, SNG to the door.

and Mac users are better value, WeChat on the Mac you can try a variety of service access, such as pay, what music, if there is a good performance, can take credit for:

QQ did not do the market, we do it!

ha ha, this is the big night, Penguin Jun