Chinese group purchase industry into the low tide left for the king era

buy industry winter may be colder than expected. Recently, the original plan to the United States listed handle network has submitted a document to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, revocation of the listing plan. In addition, some of the media reports, F group and high friend will form a new company through mergers and acquisitions. In this summer, this series of actions will undoubtedly make feel the chill of group purchase industry market. Statistics show that in April this year, the number of domestic buy site 3052, less than a month on the 217. China’s industry has declined to buy the bustling, into the left is king era?

handle network revocation IPO application

June 19th, the United States formally submitted to the United States handle SEC file, revocation of the listing plan. Daily economic news reporter learned that, in October 29, 2011, hand in hand to submit applications for the proposed $100 million financing. As possible to buy the first stock, the United States listed in the United States to pull the network news in the domestic market to buy a blockbuster". According to the original plan, handle network should be listed on the NASDAQ in November 14, 2011, but since then, the negative information about the continuous burst, and even rumors about its financial information was reported, coupled with last year’s shares in the listing process, handle network crisis, a re shelved.

average daily disappearance of 12 buy site


handle the withdrawal of the listing and let the market feel the chill of group purchase industry. 2010, was used to describe the rise of the group buying. However, after 2011 crazy shuffle, after entering the, buy site suddenly showed a shrinking trend. According to the group’s latest data show that in the first quarter of this year, the average domestic buy site disappeared 12, the total number of buy site has less than half of last year’s heyday of. On the other hand, the group purchase before the rash and too much in haste "tycoon" who are having a difficult time. Downsizing, merger, the advertising budget cuts news can be heard without end.

recently, the media reported that, through the acquisition of F group and high friend will form a new group company, F group CEO Lin Ning will become the new company CEO. Through the merger, the Tencent stake will increase to nearly 50%, while other investors Gaopeng Groupon, Yunfeng fund will also participate in the new company, but the shares will be diluted.

"this situation will continue for some time. The future of the group to buy the market to survive a comprehensive large buy site is not more than 5, other small and medium-sized site needs to be differentiated, regionalization of survival." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Wu Xuefei forecast.

network group buying market into the left is king era


buy site into a calm period, but the market is still buying the market cake coveted. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center and the China integrity network Group buy released the 2011 Annual China network group buying industry survey report shows that in 2011, including Juhuasuan >