Third anniversary of the anniversary of the payment card the prospects for the beautiful days

‘s future prospects are excellent, but the days are sad,

third party payment card anniversary

since May 26th last year, the central bank issued more than third third-party payment license issued by the "anniversary of the payment industry to pass" the industry has entered a period of explosive growth. Now, there has been news that will soon be issued the fourth installment of the third party payment license number is also ferocious". In the eyes of many people, compared to the huge camp waiting for a license, who had already received the pass enterprise seems to relax. However, the access system of licensing, the licensing of third party payment, the number of enterprises is also rising sharply, more and more things to worry about, willing to cooperate with the merchants began to pick and choose to get a commission of more and more low, from time to time will have to see the rich banks face act…… Fortunately, although the day is sad, but each is in groping the way, perhaps, some innovative, revolutionary financial reform, then the bud.

IT Times reporter Pan Shaoying figure Oriental IC

prepaid card issuance: there is a "national team" after "unlicensed"

"thought get the license after our days will be better than many, feel the qualification, many things will be easier, but now it seems that the survival situation and almost before, not bad, competitors are not reduced." See a reporter, Mr. Chen Shanghai a large prepaid card business vice president is down from the bitter water, licensing and mind seems they think is not the same, originally thought that last September the original deadline after there will be a number of prepaid card issuers was stopped at the door, the central bank does not have any strict measures limit those who did not get the license of the enterprise, now unlicensed enterprises more Huan, and Mr. Chen’s company is due to get a licence by the central bank regulation, in issuing the anti and bound hands and feet.

in a large public institutions work Mr. Huang recently felt that the unit did not seem to have a long time consumption card, and this is to let Mr. Chen more headaches. Every industry has its own regulations, the central bank in terms of issuing regulations are reasonable. Now the main customers most prepaid card business is PR companies, agencies, enterprises and institutions, mainly because prepaid cards can be issued invoices, can be used as gifts, welfare, but also tax avoidance, but now the country to buy a prepaid card unit made a lot of restrictions, some units don’t even have to buy the card." Mr. Chen said, before some large customer relationship under the private fine told him not to buy, said above, although there is no clear policy or file, just inside the circular, but for the issuing companies, they really lost a lot of customers.

lost another reason is that there are users of the "national team" to participate in the prepaid card industry, is more popular than in general by the enterprises issued prepaid card, prepaid card that is issued by a bank card, the equivalent of "can now take bank card, as long as the machine can use local POS >, and