Baidu around the impact of the official website of traditional comments

webmaster network Admin5 news: November 17th, Baidu life search products Baidu side formally launched, and Baidu CEO Robin Li birthday is also in November 17th. Baidu side today on the line can be described as profound. It is reported that Baidu covers the country’s 300 large and medium cities, providing food and beverage, leisure, sports, fitness, Turisthotellet and other life services. After Baidu side has launched online activities, and the current directly through the Baidu account login, the service side of the Baidu experience.


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launched a series of activities on the line


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Baidu around the line, will carry out a series of activities to provide users with a variety of promotions to enhance popularity. Compared with the general class reviews site, Baidu side will help Baidu search technology, combined with the search engine, and will integrate Baidu’s stick, know, experience, maps, wireless and other resources. This means that since the beginning of the birth, Baidu side directly positioned in the LBS field of life, the impact on the public comment and other traditional websites.

According to the actual use of

user response, Baidu side many functions are not perfect, the experience is not good, you can not judge the position according to IP, the default display in Beijing City, when the user manually select the city after the election is not recorded, there are many shortcomings. (Yang Yang)