Daily topic Youku potatoes renamed the Group invested ten billion to build a net content

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 7th news, Youku potatoes in the first open ecological conference, potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo said Youku potatoes Group officially changed its name to a group. Gu Yongqiang said, the end of the era of pure video media, culture and entertainment industry to enter from the channel as the center of the Halcrow era.

In fact,

is not a new word, now Youku potatoes is not just a simple video site. Earlier this year, Youku potatoes restructuring, set up 6 BU (Division), in addition to Youku, potatoes, cloud entertainment, marketing innovation, and the main film one pictures, as well as the TV industry production and investment in one culture.

for the launch of a concept, Koo said Youku potatoes inside 2 years ago began preparations for the. He mentioned that at that time had a heated discussion, decided to launch the first one pictures. After one pictures have made certain achievements, one group of people more easily accept.

renamed after the group will cooperate with Ctrip, after the combination of video and tourism, there will be more marketing possibilities and business opportunities. The user will see the associated Ctrip package and route recommendation on Youku platform video products, in the tourist guide can be seen in the video, during the journey can be more convenient to travel video upload.

Youku chairman and CEO Victor Koo also pointed out that Youku potatoes is the earliest Explorer copyright advertising model, but from a development perspective, the "pure video media era" has ended, and now the video site is no longer a simple flow around and new era with the students as the main content has come.

currently Youku, potatoes network life flow accounted for more than 50% month since the channel number has more than 10 billion times per minute can produce 30 hours of health net content, since the channel number more than 10 million over the past year of the publication, and these data exponentially brush new and upgrade means development from the channel into the outbreak stage.

said CEO Gu Yongqiang, Youku potatoes for the platform, the flow is not all, the maximum value of the user and the content is more important. In the next three years, one   100  network generated content billion. Renamed Youku potatoes want to become a cultural and entertainment industry entrepreneurial platform, let everyone play here in it.

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