Tmall 11 sequelae part of the home sales refund rate over 100%

a few days ago, the electricity supplier is in the limelight, a high sales value — the envy of November 11th, the total sales of Tmall mall Home Furnishing category claims more than 3 hundred million, the friends of the whole Home Furnishing flagship single sales of billions of dollars. But then the media broke, the store 30 days refund rate of up to 36.26%. The JINGWAH reporter survey found that the brand home business in Tmall’s refund rate soared is not a case. KUKA, Sibutramine furniture "double 11" after the refund rate will continue to rise, KUKA in 12 after experiencing double refund rate up to 124.95%, this number is constantly refreshed.

Tmall has become a large refund large

Since last week,

, a number of domestic brands Tmall flagship store there has been a massive refund tide, some refund rate was more than 100%. With the gradual decline of consumer enthusiasm, double 11 Carnival myth of the sale began to be questioned and criticized.

double 11 period, all friends Home Furnishing official flagship store sales champion Tmall Home Furnishing class, known as the single store sales one hundred million yuan. In the home market gradually cold today, this figure is likely to be equivalent to

a large store in the busy season several days of promotional record. However, a month later, the media burst, display all friends Home Furnishing official flagship store "shop within 30 days of service", the refund rate is 36.26%, among them, because did not receive the goods caused by the refund of 11674 times, accounting for 13976 of the total number of refund 83.5%. So insiders pointed out that the whole friends may rely on a single brush sales data fraud.

in fact, the whole friends of the high refund rate is not a case. According to the reporter, KUKA, QuMei more friends of the whole furniture of the three channels more perfect and the number of online shopping brand was observed for a period of nearly a month. The results showed that 36.26% of the refund rate is not a limit number, 12 (11 for double double after the delivery period, and considered part of the business in 12 may also carry out promotional activities, comprehensive statistics, reference data, dual 12 activities) three brand refund rate soaring.

November 26th, micro-blog broke: Friends of the whole Home Furnishing refund rate is 34.68%, a total of 13331 times, including 11679 times the main reason for the refund "did not receive the goods"; Sibutramine is 5.77%, a total of 500 times, including 25 times the main reason for the refund "did not receive the goods"; KUKA 5.23%, a total of 888 times, 21 times the return the main reason for the "do not receive the goods".

until December 15th, the reporter saw, the whole friends refund rate has been as high as 187.20%, the total number of refunds reached a total of 13603 times, which did not receive the goods return of up to 11144 times. KUKA 30 days refund rate reached 119.54%, the total number of 1292 times, 565 times for no reason for a refund. Sibutramine furniture refund rate has reached 47.09% of the total number of 905 times, 402 times for no reason to return a refund.