Medical website popular domain name type Pinyin domain name into the first choice

network has become the people daily life indispensable elements, the major areas of business has been involved in the Internet, the domestic pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical exchange platform to network, drive the development of a bio pharmaceutical health industry domain, the industry there have been linked to a number of domestic pharmaceutical industry and domain name, Pinyin domain name has become the choice of the trend, following the easy to understand, 15 medical websites under 5 domain name "style".

popular domain name – Pinyin domain name


is the most popular in the pharmaceutical industry recently bought domain name website treatment, Qiuyi treatment and visual image, Chinese characters, site operations close, domain name is valuable! In addition, registered net is a pure spell domain name, when there was also rumored two domain name 280 thousand yuan trading. Then, the domestic pharmaceutical website! Many websites, watch non suffix.COM Pinyin domain name and domain name enabled case is not in the minority, such as doctor ring, Chinese.CN suffix used in China is very high, and medicine, China Yaoxie network, the.NET domain name home also has a number of applications of the once hot Chinese net a suffix. Therefore, the domestic domain name king, which is why so many enterprises including medical websites will cause people to choose the domain name.

however, despite the medical network Pinyin domain name, but also enable the use of Pinyin domain name, but if you do not pay attention to the attitude, good Pinyin domain name will not be with you. For example, has caused concern in the industry of the "million" Larry domain domain name, the previous owner Zhejiang Wanlian Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., but the owners forgot to renew and was removed by the new note auction, have to say domain name is very bad, after all, Zhejiang medicine enterprises have already set the "" brand, not to mention the domain name itself the value of

is also good!

digital domain name is also the object of its choice


domestic another pillar domain type as belonging to the digital domain, bio pharmaceutical industry in the digital domain is also used, such as the national drug network official domain name, domain name is enabled with China "features".CN suffix, give people a warm feeling, the domain name marketing go is the psychological line, domain name registration in 2004 7 years, the registration time, the mainstream of suffixes such as has been registered, the domain name in minon hands, website will buy.Com domain name Different people, different views. >.