Chiefs teamed up to win the farm nong com and other 7 boutique domain name

renamed Chinese ( December 3rd – the day before, well-known domain name investors a gangster Hangwei took the help of,,, and other 7 valuable quality domain names, shocked the industry. Sure enough, the bigwigs is rich, rich



figure: air Wei WeChat

It is reported that

, a navigation Wei won the 4 single spell "agricultural", "Tian", "", "sing" and 2 digital domain and as well as 1 a domain name I don’t know which of the 7 domain specific transaction price, but each of these are absolutely presentable wealth.

the "agricultural" means a single spell is considered to be the best agricultural domain name website, and with the increase of state support to agriculture, the agricultural development of the electricity supplier, the domain name absolute value will rise. Hang Wei believes that and agricultural sites as on the pharmaceutical website, at least in the layout of Ma is equally important". And the meaning of the field is also very suitable for agricultural websites.

with and accumulated million sold, 3 faster digital domain value rise, and hang Wei of the digital domain, with 3 of, is better, the value is immeasurable, which is even more Hangwei. For many years, "for many times failed, not once make your dreams come true".

before this, brother Hangwei has spent millions of dollars have scored, and hold another single best spell, plus the 7 quality domain names, domain name Hangwei territory further expanded, worth double.