51 LA Google AD Kaba bomb scream pig

    khuong: first, I want is not black, no horse, no poison. Kaba is false alarm, the problem has been found, when the JS variable name in the presence of 7 or more figures will be reported, has been changed to 4 digits.

details can see   />

            receive the latest news, as long as the use of 51.la statistical system users, were reported to the poison. And carbachol pop GOOGLEAD     , as a statistical system for the station service so long, this thing in the end is how the matter?   recently, the Internet is not so messy. This is " " is the crab; was closed. Every day are worried about their own.51. program, and the problem and the online news, and reported the purple tin poor service attitude. What matters is what kind of?   51.LA; in the end there is no such thing as 51.LA? In the webmaster is around to go or stay? I think the river should be very clear. 

carbachol alarm

51.LA hang GOOGLE AD

51.LA  his official explanation


      the 51.LA is black poison hang GOOGLE AD kappa 51.LA event official claimed no poisoning. The problem is with JS. So it is how?

      affirms: This article has no AD or attack, just for the webmaster friends know all this. Get the correct answer, but also hope that 51.LA can stabilize. Give you a stable service. Don’t let the webmaster feel sad. Abandon 51.LA. This is what we do not want to see. At the same time the purple tin do a good job. Don’t let the webmaster disappointed. In fact, every station contains the crystallization regardless of day and night thousands on thousands of webmaster to hard work. Owners have complained is normal. I hope IDC door can understand. We can understand the IDC, how to solve is how to solve it. The change of compensation compensation. Don’t let stationmaster sad. Many webmaster only small fragile. "

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