SAC said that the circle of friends advertising is not you want to send hair

September 1st, net red, big V who may not be happy to freely advertise on micro-blog, WeChat.


September 1, 2016, by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising" will come into effect after this, in addition to search engines like Baidu search advertising and natural search results clearly distinguish, clearly defined "V" should be on their own advertising as advertising obligation.


Baidu promotion logo into advertising

is a few points to be noted and the corresponding explanation, specific can refer to the Interim Measures Full Text:

1 according to the "procedures", through the website, web page, Internet applications such as Internet media, text, pictures, audio, video or other forms, directly or indirectly sell goods or services for commercial advertising services belong to the category of Internet advertising. For example, without permission to add advertising links in the message are in violation of the provisions of the paid search advertising needs to be clearly separated. For Baidu, Taobao platforms such as the impact of relatively large.

also provides 2 measures issued in advertising on the Internet are marked "advertisement" word. Otherwise, it will violate the law of advertisement, and bear legal liability. Internet advertising methods are divided into five categories, can be viewed at the end of the enclosure.


3 "Interim Measures" provisions of article eleventh: "for advertisers or advertising operators push or display of Internet advertising, and can check the advertising content, advertising decision of natural persons, legal persons or other organizations, is the Internet advertising advertising." So even if a big V on the social network forwarded an ad paste, also belong to the release, but also need to assume responsibility for the ad. But if the average person in the circle of friends forwarded an ad, or recommend a shop, it is not advertising publishers, because they did not participate in business activities, but provides information.

in accordance with the provisions of the advertising law, in violation of the law, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall be ordered to correct, a fine of less than fifty thousand yuan. In case of violation, the General Administration of industry and Commerce shall be under the jurisdiction of the place where the publisher is located. The owner and agent are also entitled to jurisdiction. With the investigation and handling of illegal advertising may involve the situation, including: receiving inquiries, documents required to provide access to replication, etc..


like pop ads can not be closed and will induce click on the violation of the relevant provisions, and these ads can not affect the normal use of the network users. In case of violation, the administrative department for Industry and Commerce shall order it to make corrections, and impose a fine of not less than ten thousand yuan but not more than RMB thirty thousand yuan.

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