Peasant technology to build website posing as a securities analyst fraud of more than 60

Fujian two farmers to open the site, the implementation of fraud, such as fake securities analyst, succeeded more than 60 yuan. Yesterday, two people were prosecuted by local prosecutors in Jingzhou.

Lee Li Mouhong for the farmers of Fujian Xinghe County of Anxi. They through self-study mastered the basic network technology knowledge, Li Mouxing has also started a website customized ringing tone.

in mid March 2008, Li Mouxing, who came to Jingmen "development". They rented a house, bought a computer, etc.. Li Mouhong holds a fake identity card opened four bank accounts, Li Mouxing through QQ to buy a website to provide securities consulting business, and hands-on transformation.

Since then, Li Mouxing and others on the Internet to provide the customer service phone, and with Baidu PPC, enhance the popularity of the site

. Li Mouxing posing as securities company customer service staff, securities analysts to answer customer calls, defrauding investors trust. To become a member in the customer payment, they further recommended by "stock horse, promised to return 50%-300%, further to get money. Just half a month, they lied to 4 yuan from Zhejiang, Chongqing and other places of the victims of 605 thousand and 900 yuan in Gansu.

later, Shanghai police in the investigation with the network fraud process, found that fraudsters account is opening in Jingmen, ordered the case transferred to the Jingmen police. Two swindlers arrested by the Jingmen police.

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