Thunder in December last year 1471 U S dollars to sell its dog search

Beijing time on June 9th, the thunder to submit the listing application documents to the SEC program on the NASDAQ Global Select market listing, the ticker symbol "XNET" plan, financing amount will not exceed $200 million, the lead underwriter JP Morgan and Deutsche bank.

prospectus disclosure, there are still 33 cases of infringement of the thunder has not been sentenced, the total amount of claims is about 21 million 800 thousand yuan ($3 million 400 thousand). Among them, 11 lawsuits related to the video site Thunder KanKan, the lawsuit with the thunder’s 20 dog search related.

thunder was in December 2010, 10000 yuan ($1471) will be related to the dog’s domain name, trademark, and software copyright and other assets, sold to the non associated third parties. 1471 U.S. dollars will be included in the report "other profits".

2009, 2011 and the first quarter of, the thunder were received a lawsuit alleged infringement of 108, 126 and 10. As of March 31, 2011, 87.7% of the cases have been resolved or dismissed by the court.

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