Global domain name service provider domain increment TOP10 China occupies 3 seats

IDC network ( on 30 August 07 reports: according to the latest data released by the DailyChanges, in July 28th, the global DNS domain name taking ten of the total ranking, Chinese total of 3 service providers selected, DNSPod, 51DNS, Chinese million respectively, which ranked fourth, 5, 7 name. Next, look at the review and analysis of the data of IDC.

  (Figure 1) global domain name service provider domain name increment Top10

as shown in Figure 1, in July 28th, the global DNS domain name service provider of the total list of the top ten, are: DOMAINCONTROL.COM, NAMEBRIGHTDNS.COM, WORLDNIC.COM, DNSPod, REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM, 51DNS, Chinese civilink, HOSTGATOR.COM, REGISTER.COM, CONFICKER-SINKHOLE.COM.

in addition, IDC Review Network noted that the champion DOMAINCONTROL.COM domain name is far ahead, has exceeded 20 thousand. While the rest of the service providers are less than 5000, showing a larger gap. In addition, there are 3 China service providers were selected, respectively, DNSPod and 51DNS China civilink.

  (Figure 2) global domain name service provider domain name increment Top10

Figure 2

longitudinal observation data shows that in July 28th, the new champion DOMAINCONTROL.COM domain reached 21503, but according to the data show that the total change [], it appears negative growth, a net decrease of 6244; in ten, there are 5 service providers also experienced negative growth, which ranked fourth in the China domain name service DNSPod is also among them, a net decrease of 328.

ranked fifth and the China million and ranked seventh 51DNS, according to the changes of [general], respectively, a net increase of 360, 2581 names.

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