The 32 year old rookie also came to the site

      I was registered in May 13th, four months after the fall. Ashamed to say, know that behind this year or in 3 and April, it is a computer report mentioned in the reviews is outdated, accidentally came in, but did not expect is that the person of 32, will start to learn to do today.

      I was doing the project, 98 years to participate in the work, had contacted the computer only in 95 years, with a few DOS commands, again 98 years in the project department to see the computer, has completely is not the kind of impression. The project manager is nearly 50 years old, is the kind of person a serious in speech and manner, the project Department of computer only put in his suite outside, with the owners to get there from the original for industrial 21" display at the time is extremely rare, very stylish, but we only have a greedy eye. Who did not dare to touch it. However, the deputy manager of the project department is very good, but also very fond of young people, once encouraged me: "small P, to learn computer ah, do not worry, Zhou manager will not say anything." And I listened, eager to go boldly open the machine, I do not know how to use, anyway, on here. When the voltage we get is not steady, with not long, display a black, scared me, then restart the computer, boot screen appeared, then black, was really scared me, just looking at the computer screen where the huge black and bright, bright black, no way, had to call the manager, the manager, and did not blame me, just say: "never mind, you go." I was very upset to walk, at noon did not eat dinner. In the afternoon and went to the manager, passing the computer, saw off the machine, do not know is good or bad. See the manager, whispered: "Zhou manager, how the computer, and if it is bad, then the money deducted from my salary compensation." Zhou manager smiled: "rest assured, nothing." I am a stone off the ground: "how is it that week?" "I pulled out the power cord." Zhou replied.

      said the way, back to the original. 99 years project department on the network, with the kitten dial type, 56K speed, open a web page to half a day, later replaced by ISDN, when the phone is not in play dual channel, twice as fast, feeling good. To 03 years, not under the site, the company engaged in information platform, all the foreign institutions are linked up with the network, the Internet more time. However, the network for me, in addition to the office, that is, QQ chat and bubble BBS. Often go to the bookstore at that time, see eyeful do "book, have never thought this thing what would be associated with their. Now it seems to influence global BBS, because of the professional relationship, I went to the engineering site is basically, a few years, accumulated a lot of engineering resources, they also bought a network storage space, do FTP for users to download information.

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