Copy of the lesson Copy to China model in China can go long



C2C with touted teacher Li and innovative workshop and suddenly pop up, so what is the C2C? Is actually copied into the domestic market in the United States and the Internet business model stiffly.

Quora fire, then known as well as domestic youmoyouyang popular, Groupon in the United States market fame, handles network group purchase website by the shares of Dongfeng dataichangxi, Tumblr won the user’s welcome and praise, little also into the stocks regardless of personal danger light blog tide.

just copied the business model, product function and design concept in the domestic Internet circle is not what new things, to learn from the people of the interface, even color, we are also flattering, Chinese Internet history is a story has never been surpassed in duplicate.

in the first half of this year has been a loss of more than 390 million yuan in lashou eventually had to withdraw IPO plan before, have not yet found their profit model little future sustenance is actually burn $one hundred million.

in the real high quality loss of users, know the rest are above only between users and opinionated 90% did not ask any partisan value, but will continue to maintain their wonderful qualities in the noble glamorous know almost at the same time, it also did not find their own profit model.

practitioners and investors have to rely on the replication of C2C in the U.S. market has proved successful model, reduce the cost of innovation and risks, but the problem now is that the success of the product has now gradually exposed the decline.

Quora after the early flourishing now gradually attributed to silence, Groupon now the conservative problem of income earning a single difficult problem, and a net worth of $125 million to the Tumblr because they could not get a commercial return and under great pressure from investors. And now the envy of everyone hates not copied into the domestic market Facebook has now become the largest capital market bubble.


first venture innovation is not what a shameful thing, copying and plagiarism has become a phenomenon in the domestic It is quite common for Internet environment, from entrepreneurs and investors perspective, we at this point to be too much criticism and criticism even here emphasize, we do not there may be no effect on this situation.

we really upset and strongly questioned, in the already impetuous environment, advocates and executors of these C2C are more impetuous, in Wall Street and the media hype, they only see the original products in the American market.

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