One week news review Ding Dong District crisis Sina micro blog version of the new line of ants gold

1 from the electricity supplier community buzz district funds Lianduanlie face closure

today net community O2O famous APP Ding Dong District due to funding strand breaks, collapse. According to former employees who worked in Beijing, Ding Dong District told the media broke the news that Beijing has closed, the Ding Dong District of Shanghai region has 70% layoffs, remaining more than 40 people, and that the Ding Dong District billion yuan financing has been spent, the board decided not to invest.


million European network first time to contact the relevant person said the Ding Dong District, Ding Dong District due to business focus has been adjusted, will focus on service and user experience on the line. The company considers Shanghai market mature, the product precipitated in real money in. The Ding Dong District has small shareholders that buzz from the market in Beijing is the fact that Shanghai has about 200 people, going to the expansion foundation of the new mode of compaction, otherwise keep too many people unknown nonsense, the Ding Dong District book has tens of millions of cash.

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failed: operation is different from the Ding Dong District   with the profit real;

2 Sina micro-blog V6 to the big change: the interface will provide the shortcut key function

Sina micro-blog today to upgrade, you look forward to?

"in October 13th, the new version of micro-blog for you," the slogan appeared at least a month, but to tell the truth by the degree of concern is really not how kind, even micro-blog hot topics are not on. Information released from the current point of view, the new version of micro-blog’s name will be V6".

in accordance with micro-blog’s official account @ Daren said, 17 pm today, the new version of micro-blog will officially meet us. And sina will hold a press conference in Beijing, Shangri-La hotel this afternoon, announced the official launch of micro-blog V6 sina.

on Sina micro-blog V6, said its interface style will have a greater change, highlighting the "card" features, in addition will also provide a shortcut function in the interface can be micro-blog operating through the shortcut keys.

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