How to write the content of the media from the creative process analysis

with the development of fragmentation of information, and now the prosperity of the media and more support. But for the operation of the creative process has always been a headache for you. After all, in the process of continuous updating, how to ensure that the content of the new and effective is indeed a difficult proposition to solve. In my opinion, the high efficiency of the article has always been a supplement, learn to use the text to attract users, precipitation users are all from the media to do homework. So in the current competitive environment, since the media how to ensure their own writing ability, avoid jianglangcaijin? Below I combined with the creative process to share their views.

material to look from the life, trying to tap the reader needs. Material is the core of the content, since the media in order to write something that really cheers everyone, then the choice of material must be reasonable. But for some material, no experience from the media often in distress, what can let everybody have a find everything fresh and new feeling? In fact, the content itself is similar, you are telling the truth basically can say it, but the content of the vector we need to select a. Whether you do it or make a product, the content itself can be found in our lives. For example, I do own media website theme, push the theme of nature on the construction site, so as some catalogs of station construction points this is somewhat too common, so we want to how to improve the level of their creation? Cite a simple example, on the site during the Spring Festival of the update is a problem during this period, how to ensure the article added affects many of the heart, if I push a "peace celebration at this time, the site is no longer difficult to update included" you think we are not very touched, then with curiosity to read. This is an example of a manifestation of the creative process, material selection is not difficult, as long as we go deep into life, into practice, carefully observe everything around, first hand materials, then write and convince others interested in writing is not difficult at all.

give yourself pressure to change your way of writing. Material selection is only the first step in the creation of our content, as to how to write things that really make you like, then the form is the next important part. As if there is flesh and blood, how to pinch the whole is a problem to be solved. In this process, I would like to emphasize that the creation of the form must create their own personality label, find their own quotations. After all, the number of people from the media at the moment, to find out the characteristics of far more attractive than insist on their own. Everyone knows that the characteristics of a person is independent of other groups of key factors, to find out these we can be qualified to say that they have a foothold. Perhaps when it comes to this, you may ask how to form their own unique artistic form? For example, understand the diary of chat, such as 100 words will be in Dongyang, I think its inspiration is a concern, but for the surrounding excellent learning resources is not small. After all, no one is born to be a writer

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