How to do after the site shut down SEO resources

white hat SEO white is so several means: the hair of the chain, post, news, blogs, built mall, website structure optimization code. These means, any means to leave the content, so there is the content of the king’s argument. From the point of view of content creation, the process of SEO is the process of content generation, appearance and precipitation. So, is there a possibility: in some special circumstances, to optimize the large number of personnel for the past, a project to create and distribute all the failures? This particular situation is not uncommon, at least I have experienced many times, so we are talking about: how to make those hard to create and release SEO resources to achieve the


causes SEO resources to die

Now many in the

search engine optimization company will carry out most of the website construction business, to carry out the construction site will be involved in the network optimization, so these companies often encounter this situation: do the optimization for a web site, after a period of time, the customer may choose to the official website of the service provider, or customers of the company these failures, is the result of the site shut down. Of course, it is also possible that the site does not regulate the operation led to official shutdown. Although the site shut down, but for the site to do the chain, the construction of the blog, the release of the original, or the creation of the B2B shop, these are the existence of. But this is almost synonymous with death, because these SEO resources are no longer possible to bring any value to customers or service providers.

dead SEO resource body location

we may wish to carefully analyze some, because the site shut down, these SEO resources are found in and what place? All in what form? In my opinion, these resources found in the form of the main categories are as follows:

first, content class. Included in the blog, forums, news sites published content. Especially for some long tail keywords, these content is particularly critical.

second, web class. Including the forum in the release of the chain web site, the signature of the site URL, the hyperlink in the article, etc., the release of the chain directly affect the site’s ranking in Baidu.

third, the chain class. Mainly refers to the exchange of links with other sites, as well as other sites linked to their website.

fourth, mall class. Including the construction of shops in the electricity supplier website, such as Alibaba shops and some of the industry in the construction of B2B shops, etc.. These shops can attract potential customers from search engines.

now, we are faced with the problem is, when a site closed, forced termination or SEO work, all the work before become a bubble, we how to carry out the SEO resource recycling and reuse of


SEO of

resources to


I have been faced with such a problem

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