Taobao zern off contest broadcast the first monthly prize off season is not terrible

faint light! Hosted by zern CEEN and Admin5 webmaster network "third season zern world famous shoes Taobao customers to promote competition of the industry suffered the off-season period, turnover compared to the previous two season coincided with the peak season of a lot less. But the off-season is not terrible, the heart is not short, the bonus is still


in the third season, "farewell to high commitment zern awards, let the bonus at your fingertips! In addition to the high commission of 20% (average 100 yuan), spread over 15 pen can get a bonus of 600 yuan, the highest 5000 yuan bonus is not far away. Now the first monthly season just ended, Taobao zern gold Yu Qingping 2 passenger volume has directed 13 pen, four prize was basically in the bag, the first prize will still be hard! Followed by wanpower1027 and the results are quite close to the startling step by step ah, the two players in the second season after the third season came to prominence have propped up their own one day.

‘s first monthly pre match three:

Yu Qingping 2 bonus: $300 total Commission: 1038 yuan

wanpower1027 bonus: 200 yuan total Commission: $779


startling step by step bonus: 100 yuan of the total Commission: 487 yuan

at the same time, a new incentive plan to continue, during the event of the first successful promotion of new (except zern is Taobao customers and successful promotion of the small prize) to encourage


the first monthly tournament Rookie Award List (can be awarded 50 yuan):

please contact QQ1597389813 award winners to communication matters (results published within 14 days after the no contact is invalid)

[hot shoes]

zern launched the "sea ship shoes" men’s casual shoes in the spring and summer blockbuster, in the e-commerce sales platform for vigorously promotion, the shoes will become one of the iconic zern shoes, you need to pay more attention to Taobao keyou. At the same time when the main season of shoes is also now selling shoes, new "ice" series of hollow shoes for zern were the main force of


policy officially commenced


: how to do keyword analysis and layout

recently in a Ciceen Amoy internal SEO training, also made a twitter SEO forum interview, at the same time, several students website reminds me every time to help students diagnose site will find a common point: analysis of key words is not good. We are engaged in SEO believe that a lot of friends to help others to diagnose the experience of the site, no matter how many problems of the site, keyword analysis is not good this link is always there.

I said a simple example: I believe a lot of friends have seen a lot of SEO industry Master said

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