Analysis you understand the trick behind the red marketing

although the Spring Festival in the past for a long time, but when it comes to the Spring Festival this year to give you the impression that I think we will still remember, but also remember the red envelope marketing for the festival brings the city effect. Clearly remember when everyone red bag are crazy, and you come to me to each other, send blessings to each other, and even some people say that the Spring Festival is not as good as the red envelope Festival, which seems to be behind the ridicule of the red marketing breeding soil.


now although there is no big festival, but in some groups we still can often receive each other to send the envelopes to send red envelopes, now is no longer a holiday blessing, to become a marketing tool, a chance to attract traffic. This business is to make good use of the obtained will be a huge flow of dividends, do not say anything else, only during the Spring Festival with red envelopes this group do nouveau riche a project can have thousands of users, but also get a relatively low cost, it is not for the micro business opportunities.

behind the red envelope is how the game

some people will be defined as the red envelope marketing personal economy, that it will develop into a fixed habit, can promote the growth of WeChat’s internal payment environment. In my opinion, this is one reason but not the most important, I think that although people with money envelopes marketing business relationship, but behind the essence of communication between people, is still rely on the social context, in a sense, the reason is nothing more than red envelopes marketing to seize the social basis behavior. Why Alipay is so afraid of the red marketing implementation of Alipay red marketing can scarcely wait against WeChat, want their product features in the WeChat circle of friends, after all because Alipay wants to occupy a space for one person in the social business, do not want to surrender so fast. When the online sales platform gradually saturated today, how to develop more accurate and based on the social transformation of high commercial soil has become the most people relations topic, for no social products backed by Ali at WeChat and gradually improve the social payment is on pins and needles.

now we should understand the marketing of red behind the game to it, can be said that red is a social payment predecessor, everyone is the cultivation of a social fixed consumer payment habits, once the pattern is formed, then the subsequent implementation of social electricity supplier difficulty will be much smaller. Think about the micro shop and WeChat and Jingdong of the third party cooperation, we will understand that red marketing is actually a vanguard, we open the social payment wallet, subsequent consumption goes into chapter. To know that WeChat is a great ability to develop products in the eyes of many people, like Alipay has been defined as rigid payment instruments, WeChat to do the whole closed-loop business circle, and this game is behind the whole social business interests, Alipay counterattack also just disintegrates in WeChat is strong.

so what can give us red envelopes marketing bonus


I think there will be a place where there is a need for marketing, just like the beginning of the micro-blog, because of the high degree of activity naturally became >

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