Write a blog in March to talk about the amount of talk about my blog marketing magic

has always liked to write a little article, but did not expect to write a blog can become a marketing approach, and can bring many opportunities for their career. Heard this statement before the blog marketing, I do not believe, but written my blog for three months, has made some achievements not worth mentioning, I deeply feel that the blog marketing can show its tremendous power. Below I on the actual combat experience to talk about the four points of the blog writing experience, hope that everyone can use the blog marketing for their cause add light plus color!

record every thought flash point

to write a blog, this is familiar to everybody, but writing every day, and the quality have reached a certain level, which come so much material to write? Most blog friends have problems, this is a very normal phenomenon, I have experienced this stage, especially when just started blogging, often wrote today, trouble tomorrow, then I slowly discovered that in fact many blog topics are in the life and work had burst of inspiration, we just did not bother to record, then forget, to really want to write something to write the.

after a period of no manuscript, I began to pay attention to. I prepared a small book, carry, a good idea, he immediately took out a book to write the title and outline, and then aggregated together, at present I have accumulated more than and 10 subjects did not write. With the theme, writing a blog is much faster. Inspiration is hard to come by, so we must seize the flash of every thought and make good use of it.

will write blog habit

once a habit is formed, it is hard to change. According to psychological research, as long as the repetition of a behavior, adhere to a period of time will form a habit, blog is the same. As long as adhere to a certain amount of time to develop their own habits to write blog, I wrote in the early days of the blog to set up their own homework – blog. No matter how busy, all have to write something every day, because the day did not write may not "feel", can be life records, a moment of feeling, and a week must be written more than three articles blog theme. At the beginning of the implementation is very difficult, but I forced myself to a few months down is used, but not one day write also feel itchy, feel uncomfortable. I would like to use the blog marketing means of friends, we must develop the habit of writing blog, which is not only for the cause, but also can exercise their own thinking, get to know a lot of friends.

training readers

by writing a series of articles

to write a series of articles to newspapers and magazines in the series, can develop a group of fixed readers. Blogging can also learn from this model, which is a small skill to develop their readers. When we write a blog, write the topic, that is, a period of time to focus on the topic of a blog, forming a series. For example, in front of me on the A5 published "do not let the net >

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